Sunday, 15 March 2009

making out....

J: me and your dad used to live out here you know
Z: you and my dad used to make out here?
J: no I said 'live out here'
Z: ohh haha but did you used to make out here too?
J: well I suppose we did!
Z: what is 'making out' anyway?
J: well kissing and hugging that kind of thing...
Z: not sex then?
J: ...I suppose it can mean that...
Z: but you and my dad didn't have sex did you?
J: well we must have done for you to have turned up!
Z: do you have to have sex to have a baby then?
J: yes
Z: really? How many times did you and my dad have sex?
J: ohhh probably just the once I think......


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Jacie said...

it's a really cute ad - I must show it to Zach - it'll explain everything!