Sunday, 27 June 2010

me,you and we

Z: Mum we need to take the water pistols in. And by we I mean you as there's no 'me' in 'we'
J: hey hang on... there's no 'u' either!!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bulletproof dignity

Zach watching Bulletproof Monk with his dad

Nina (the baddie) shows Jade a picture of a refugee kneeling in front of a man with a rifle]
Nina: Tell me, deep inside, at the bottom of your soul, wouldn't you rather be the man about to do the shooting than the man about to be shot?

Zach (aged 9): I'd rather be the one facing the gun - better to die with dignity than live with none...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Good Enough

what about love?

J: Look you know I how I feel about you
S: So propose something?
J: Marry me instead!
S: Why do you want to marry me?
J: Because we love each other!
S: I am a muslim... it's not that bloody simple.....

Sunday, 13 June 2010

love sheds tears

The dust has settled
and time has caught us crying
we could make excuses
but we'd just be lying
numbness is the last sensation
dumbness is the realisation
only our own hearts we've broken
...and love sheds tears
for all the words that died unspoken

made in heaven

J: I'm left with the awful gut wrenching feeling that if only I'd said the right thing, something different, something that would have touched his heart (if he in fact has one!) then I could have turned it all around and had a different outcome, even though I know in reality that he'd already made his decision and nothing I said or did would have changed his mind. Feel so desolate. I'm so stupid...
F: I know exactly how you feel - it's cruel isn't it but you're the victim of an organising principle that's about exploiting your love and care and not validating it. It's hard not to feel angry and cheated and it's impossible to make someone care when they don't. I'm so sorry baby, I know how much it hurts.
J: I know you're right but I'm still so in love with him regardless. I just don't understand how he could willingly decide to enter an arranged marriage with someone he admits he's not in love with...