Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Saturday, 22 November 2008

We three kings from Orient are, bearing gifts......

'hey mum I'm going to be a Wise Man in the Christmas play'
'oh that's great babe'
'yes I was going to be a camel but the teacher said I could be a wise man instead because I'd been generous'
'oh well that's nice. You were a sheep last year weren't you?'
'no that was the year before, I was a camel last year'
'oh yes I remember now'
'there's a letter in my book bag, we need to make a crown and one of the gifts that we have to give to the baby Jesus - gold, frankinstein and myrrh....'

I believe in zero

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Friday, 14 November 2008

losing it part 3

J: Hi
Number Withheld: Hi J how are you?
J:'s you! I'm fine
NW: I've really missed you J, have you missed me?
J: No
NW: Oh J you never say you miss me!
J: No I don't do I. So how's married life?
NW: I'm not married. I keep telling you that was my ex girlfriend who phoned you
J: I don't believe you
NW: I'm telling you the truth. She's just my ex and she gets really jealous when she thinks I'm seeing someone. She's ruined my relationships with 3 girlfriends!
J: Yes, wives have a nasty habit of doing that
NW: Honestly I'm not married, why would I lie to you?
J: Sorry, did you just say 'Why would I lie to you'?!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

still losing it...

'Hi are we still on for next week?'
'are you still with your guy'
'to be honest I'm not exacty sure what's happening with him we're not together...but we're not totally apart either. I've told him that I will probably see you though as I'm not into lying to people'
'what did he say'
'he said he understood'
'mmnn ok, well lucky I'm still single then. Are you looking forward to seeing me?'
'yes of course... it's been a really long time since we've seen each other hasn't it?'
'yes I can't wait. Do you mind if I bring my video camera?'
'oh...I'm not sure. Don't you think we should get re-acquainted first? I mean we haven't seen each other in over 18 months.......actually now I come to think of I definitely DON'T want you to bring it!'
'Oh ok then. By the way is it alright if I stay over?...........'

Sunday, 9 November 2008

losing it

'how's your romance going?'
'not good'
'why what's happening?'
'I'm just not sure when I stopped being someone he loved, respected and made an effort for and turned into a booty call'
'oh dear that's bad'
'what are you going to do about it'
' I'm going to pick up whatever shreds of dignity and self-esteem I have left and walk'
'good for you'
'do you believe me?'
'damn! Sounded good though didnt it?'
'this time - just do it. If he does care he'll want you back if he doesn't he's not worth the pain anyway. Trust me you're worth more than that.'
' I really thought that he was different'
'maybe he is, maybe it's you that's still the same'
'you expect too little of people and you make do with even less!'
'well no-one else will tell you - certainly not him - he's happy with his booty call!'
'ok you're right. I'm so in love with him though and I think I'm just scared of losing what little love and affection I get from him so I put up with it'
'you've already lost more ways than one!'
'how did you get so smart?'
'watching you mess up!'
'Oh well I'm glad my misery has served some purpose....!'


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Terence Trent D'arby - Sign your name high quality

A Free Spirit

Heart was broken into a million different pieces
life packed in little boxes marked single new releases
when I saw your smiling eyes my head got lost completely
and logic, rhyme and reason all surrendered sweetly

Ever a free spirit in this world of rising prices
love still won’t devalue even though the dollar rises
Your clear candescent star in nights of dark dependencies
a luminescent light in black hole tunnel tendencies
Difficult equations in the field of quantum science
....lessons one to fifty in the art of self-reliance