Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Cure - Lullaby (Live Reading Festival 2012) - still totally awesome!

Robert Smith Rules

the reason for my rhyme

Putting words in sets that rhyme
might seem to be a waste of time
but it calms the screams inside my brain
and puts a blanket on the pain
damps it down enough to breathe
gives me respite from fatigue
I don't do it to create high art
It just stops me falling apart...

For Zach

I thought that I'd been aiming higher
but you still got caught in crossfire
Friendly fire is just as deadly
as bullets sent intently

I'm sorry for the shouting
Feel bad about the fighting
Wish you'd never heard the words
or seen the clashing of our swords

I'm sorry for the swearing
This suit of hate I'm wearing
All the thunder and the lightning
the squeeze of stomach tightening

I'm sorry for the screaming
The waking of the dreaming
I never meant to make you sad
You're the best thing I ever had

Please forgive me for the treason
There's no excuses in the reason
that would mend the trust that's broken
or believe the words I've spoken

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

you can't fix me

I don't want you to fix me
you don't have my permission
to pull down my supporting walls
and paint the rooms blue
or tidy my shelves
or make them brand new
you liked my exterior
but wanted to redesign
my interior to suit
your desires for
an upmarket residence
with room to extend
and a plot you can mend
but I want someone
who likes me for who I am
and maybe even likes me more
for who I'm not...

wasted lives

I really just want to grab you and shake you until all the hours of my life that you’ve wasted fall out

Sunday, 19 August 2012

lousy friends

this is how our story ends
we were lousy lovers
and we're worse as friends
no-one's heart recovers
from the words we've spoken
freedom comes at such a cost
what we built we've broken
love's labours lost ...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

this was the love

For years I never reconciled

your cruel with your kind

or your magic with your mind

but always hoped that we could find

a way to make this tangled web unwind

so close your eyes
open your heart and take my gift
to heal the pain and mend the rift

This was the love I had for you
It was good as gold
It was sweet enfold
It won’t grow old
It won’t go cold

This was the love you had for me
it was heart and souled
it was uncontrolled
it won’t grow old

It won’t go cold

These are the people we're meant to be

We’re bright and bold

We're brave untold
We won’t grow old
We won’t go cold

so close your eyes
open your heart and take my gift
to heal the pain and mend the rift