Monday, 30 March 2009


Mark J said...

You know... i know the guy is uber talented, but after all the bad press I wonder if I buy one of his albums, will I be contributing to his downward spiral with drugs?
I thought the same thing about Amy Winehouse - so at least I'm an equal opportunity withholder :)

Jacie said...

yes I know what you mean - you just kind of wish they'd grow up and behave themselves really! I do love this song (though the lyrics are a bit questionable in places!)and he always seems really sweet-natured and sensible when he's interviewed so maybe he will one day.

Mark J said...

It's all good Jacie - added the bit at the end of my post in case others wonder :)

Sometimes when youre speaking (writing) to yourself, others get a slightly different perspective - thanks for the note :)