Sunday, 29 March 2009

Be prepared

J: why are you back so soon?
G: haha, I haven't left yet
J: good lord - you do know the clocks went forward last night?
G: yes I do! look I need some ideas for the evening's festivities....
J: well she sounds lively enough already to me from what you've told me
G: yes, but I still have to come up with a suitable means of punishment........
J: ahhhh - what for losing the bet? well you could get her to do some ironing?
G: hahahaa, what a very ENGLISH idea
J: well she says on her profile she likes English
G: think I'll just stick to tying her up and sh*gging her actually
J: well that's another way to go of course....
G: yeah, but I'm crap at tying knots.....
J: haven't you got any insulating tape?
G: maybe I could hire some boy scouts to do that bit for me?? oh yeah, my ex had some. Insulating tape, that is, not boy scouts
J: hahaha
G: thought you'd like that
oh, she's calling now.....
J: well tell her to pick some up on the way over......
boy scouts that is

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