Friday, 25 July 2008

school's out....

My Perfect World by Zach age 7

In my perfect world there is an ice tower that will never end and a frozen pond to ice skate on. There is a garden far away where bees fly through the sweet smell of roses and in a cave you can see diamonds shine. In the place there is a castle that you can look inside. If you go and look in the dungeons there is a cave and in that cave there is a gift shop

Monday, 21 July 2008

model children

Harry: Hey Zach do you think your mum will mind us using these apples to make models out of?
Zach: no not at all my mum likes me being creative....

Thursday, 10 July 2008

always the bridesmaid.........

'I read somewhere the other day that there's more chance of a woman my age being mauled by a wild animal at the zoo than she has of finding a husband'
'I thought you found a husband the other week!'
'that was someone else's husband - that doesn't count'
'have you heard any more from him?'
'yes he keeps phoning and texting - apparently he really misses me and his wife doesn't understand him..'
'I bet she does! Anyway does that statistic mean that you should visit zoos more or less often?'
'I'm thinking I don't care as long as I don't get mauled by any more men who say they're single when they're not!'

pancake day

Gabe: sorry couldn't talk before I was skipping..
Julie: skipping?!
Gabe: yes ..skipping!
Julie: oh ok. So what went wrong with your date with your ex - had she piled on the pounds in the intervening 2 years?
Gabe: she really wasn't very attractive at all.... which makes me wonder why I was interested in her before - then again, she initially wrote to me, so perhaps it was an ego-thing; I also enjoyed the pancakes she'd make on a sunday after we went running
Julie: ah you see the way to your heart is obviously through your stomach! You should add that to your profile that any potential dates should 1st send you a selection of home-baked goodies!
Gabe: good thinking
Julie: they say that skipping's good for your heart - but then so is sex and that's a lot more fun and has the additional heart-warming factor of knowing that you're doing something nice for someone else as well! Not that you'd ever want to do anything nice for anyone else....

Saturday, 5 July 2008