Monday, 19 January 2009

J: so how was the latest date?
G: well she wasn't french after all - she was just born there. She's just got divorced and she didn't stop gabbing on about it all evening - why do women do that?
J: I don't know... maybe she was confusing you with someone who cared?
G: oh good point but what are you supposed to do in those circumstances?
J: why don't you do what all other men do?
G: what's that?
J: pretend to be interested - it's what we call a lie. Men lie to get laid - see the connection there?
G: I didn't think you approved of that! She did also tell me that she's an ex-ballerina and an ex- dancer
J: and an ex-wife? Seems all her best bits are behind her - did you check out her ass?
G: yes was rather large
J: well there you go....


Mark J said...

Classic - always enjoy your conversations but I secretly worry if you travel everywhere with a tape recorder :)

Jacie said...

oh whata good idea - maybe I should!