Monday, 19 January 2009

upstairs the elephant

Dance me into the moonlight baby
Dance me back to your room
Give me some light in this world full of night
And don’t let the dream end too soon

Laughter and love were ever your muse
And your tongue told of passion so sweet
Whilst upstairs the elephant kicked off his shoes
And tried opening his crisps with his feet

Kiss the smile on my face baby
Kiss the smile in my heart
Find me a place in this world full of space
And don’t let life pull us apart

'Nothing can touch us' that’s what I said
But no-one’s bulletproof forever it seems
Whilst upstairs the elephant lay down his head
And we danced all night long in our dreams


Mark J said...

Wow - this is great!

Jacie said...

Thanks Mark - I really appreciate that x