Friday, 14 March 2008

more tales from the internet......

'So what happened to that guy you were chatting with from the internet?'
'Oh you mean Ven? Well he'd been texting me about 50 times a day and then I was supposed to meet him Saturday but I chickened out last minute and decided to put it off for a week and I met a guy from London instead. Anyhow Ven then calls me Monday to say that his work permit application was refused and since his visa had expired he had been given 2 days to leave the country!'
'Oh my god - mind you with your luck with men it's a wonder you hadn't met him, fallen head over heels in love with him and then found out he was being deported the next day!'
'Yes had to say that thought had crossed my mind also! He called me from Heathrow about an hour ago to say goodbye. I somehow resisted the desire to sing 'Ven will I see you again...' to him!!'
'Oh you're such a cow!'

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