Sunday, 2 March 2008

conversations with Margie.....

'that "6 word memoir" thing was an interesting idea'

'yes but harder than you'd think to decide what to write - I was originally going to go for 'woman's dignity for sale: reasonable price' or possibly 'searching for map of human heart' What would yours be?'

'not sure yet but I asked my dad and he said his would be 'It doesn't get better than this'

'ooohhh your dad's great. I asked Nic what his would be and he said 'crap,crap,crap,crap,and crap''. Kind of opposite ends of the speculum there! Gabe said his would be 'O,S.U.A.B.O.' which is our msn shorthand for 'Oh shut up and bend over!' or alternatively 'leave me alone I'm watching rugby'

'Do you think that maybe he was just watching rugby....?'

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