Sunday, 30 March 2008

doctor doctor give me the news... I've got a bad case of loving you

doc: how would u describe the pain? I mean is it burning, aching, stabbing pain or sharp?
me: all of the above
doc: I reckon you've probably got a muscle strain it'll take some time to heal...but in the meantime don't aggravate it
me: yes I think I did aggravate it by exercising more
doc: this isn't recurrent is it?
me: no I've never had problems with my back before - apart from one time I fell down and fractured my sacrum
doc: eeks! also I would advise calcium of's possible that whether conscious or not, cos of your once- fractured sacrum you might inadvertently be putting more pressure on your muscles to take away some weight bearing responsibilies off your joint
me: oh do you think so? that's an interesting thought. Is 'eeks' a medical term by the way?! How long should it take to heal?
doc: 6 weeks is the average time for a muscle sprain to does vary.
me: oh no that's ages!
doc: a muscle strain can be serious if not taken seriously...sorry if i sound too serious here. Did I just use the word serious 3 times in a sentence?!

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