Tuesday, 29 January 2008

conversations with Gabe.....

G: 'there should be a website called "contact-someone-of-the-opposite-sex-for-advice-on-what-to-do-with-people-you-see-on-dating-sites.com" '
'excellent - we'll make a fortune'
'the cardinal rules, of course, would be (1) no shagging or falling for each other, & (2) you have to give true advice'
'we could also re-write their boring profiles for them so that someone might actually be interested in contacting them in the 1st place '
'have to admit, this is not an entirely new idea - I discussed it with someone on the Soulmates website months ago'
'you're so unfaithful to me '
'that doesn't count - it was before we met '
'oh ok then I'll let you off '
'off what? '
'don't know what you are on '
'no, nor do I but I reckon we could be onto a winner! '
'me too '
'there's already a website where you get other people to write your profile for you '
'is there? damn '
'mate of mine told me about it - actually, he is serious with a woman he met there '
'so it worked?'
'I'd love to do that '
'what get serious with the woman my mate is dating? '
'is she pretty? '
'no idea, have never met her '
'but she has a grand piano in storage '
'can't think of anything funny about grand piano in storage '
'you're not supposed to it just happens to be the only thing I remember him saying about her '
'she sounds rivetting '
'stop it! '
' stop what? I'm not doing anything - I'm just playing.........the grand piano.......see I knew I could get it in somewhere'

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