Friday, 30 May 2008

Lost world

Julie: W phoned me today to arrange to see me and asked should he bring massage oils! I said yes ok but have to admit I had very little optimism of him actually turning up and here we are nearly 10pm and still no sign of him!
Gabe: hahaha
Julie: how come I don't know any men who actually turn up when they say they will? - I think I must live on the edge of the bermuda triangle of Girlfriend World
Gabe: it's hilarious
Julie: when he phoned me today he just started asking my advice about his car. He actually said 'what should I do Jools go to Mercedes or go to Kwikfit'? Like I'd know!!!
Gabe: you should have told him to go to Hell
Julie: haha - why didn't I think of that? - oh yes, I'm not as mean as you
Gabe: bet you just said something pathetic, like "oh I'm sure it's all my fault"
Julie: hahahaha - brilliant!!!!!

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