Wednesday, 14 May 2008

conversations with counsellors.....

'what did the doctor say about your throat?'
'oh she said she doesn't think it's anything too nasty but she's sending me to ENT to have the lump on my tonsils cut out'
'oh dear that sounds unpleasant but do you know that there's a theory that you can tell what's wrong with a person's emotional state by whatever illness they have?'
'yes I've heard that. My sister's friend who's into alternative therapies says that if you have a sore throat it's as if someone has their hands round your throat strangling you! Pretty apt in my case'
'well yes and I think we should talk about that sometime'
'Still the ex will be pleased to hear that I'm getting my throat cut!'
'why do you always do that?'
'do what?'
'make a joke of something that's painful for you - I've noticed you do that all the time'
'yes I know I do I suppose it's how I cope'
'what would be so bad about just feeling the pain?'
'I don't know.... I suppose I'm just scared'
'what are you scared of?'
'I'm scared it would overwhelm me and then I wouldn't be able to cope'
'I think you would be able to cope and I really think you should try it sometime....'

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