Tuesday, 27 May 2008

9 out of 10 men are ....

'have you contacted Polish Bride yet?'
'haha - sort of, I suggested we hook up soon, she said she'll get back to me....'
'oh that just means she's interviewing other prospective lovers'
'quite possibly, although she's not using Match.com much'
'no she doesn't need to - she's already got them lined up'
'fair point....thanks a lot!!!'
'but don't despair - they'll all be a*seholes 9 out of 10 men are '
'what, like me?'
'no you'll stand out and she'll come around to thinking that you're worth a 2nd look'
'"9 out of 10 men are a%seholes" - that'd make a good headline'
'anyway you're not an a*sehole - well not on a good day. You can be an a*sehole but it's not your main attribute'
long silence
'I thought you were going to ask me what your main attribute was'
'oh I would do, but I'm on phone to my sis she's upset cos she's broke
'well send her some money - you're loaded - and while you're at it send me some too'
'by the way in case you're wondering your main attribute doesn't appear to be multi tasking so I'll catch you later......'

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