Wednesday, 9 April 2008

it's hard to say you love someone...and it's hard to say you don't...

'Julie one minute you say I should stop contacting you the next you are calling me sweetie, honestly you confuse me! I am growing increasingly scared of attaching myself to you'
'Oh I'm really sorry Robert. I never said stop contacting me anyway - I said I didn't think we should see each other again as it would probably be a bad idea. Trouble is nothing dies harder than a bad idea! I'm very fond of you regardless and I want to know that you're ok that's all'
'Oh poor girl, I feel guilty and bad now - arggh I hate myself when it comes to women but I think it would be better to end it if you don't want to take it further'
'oh don't feel guilty - I'm the one who should feel bad! You didn't do anything wrong and you've been nothing but nice to me. I appreciate that a lot you know. You make me laugh as well with your crazy stream of consciousness. I'd like us to be friends but I know men don't really see the point of having women friends so I totally understand if you'd rather have a clean break and move on'
'I am very bad with making friendships with women, I always only have one at a time
'that's fine, that's a good thing actually!'
'and its a bad thing for a man to have more than one woman because he could go mental having two pussycats in one bowl'
'exactly - you're right of course. Listen you take care - it's fine'
'I really do like you Julie but I've got to let go'
'I really do like you too but I've got too much baggage as they say - so I'll let you go'
'I'm sorry Robert'
'dont be it's ok'
'I'm gonna miss you though.........'


Mark J said...

Parallel lives Jacie - this is ever so familiar to me :)

Jacie said...
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