Saturday, 12 April 2008

breaking up IS hard to do........

'I have a holiday of 2 weeks coming up in a months time - do you want to spend it together?'
'did I miss a meeting? I thought we broke up last night'
'I feel lost without your smile. I miss you Julie'
'I miss you too to be honest I cried loads after we said goodbye but that doesn't mean we should be together. And I don't really want to be so wet'
'I tell you now, life is what you make it. I'm willing to adapt and if you feel the same we will rock. I don't think I will ever find another girl like you. Just give me a chance'
'I will think about it but you're wrong though I'm not that great believe me'
'You think you're not great but in my eyes you're an angel'
'Oh dear I'm REALLY not you know.....'

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