Thursday, 4 November 2010

wish you were here...

I wish I could open up my heart like it’s a book
and point to the page and say ‘look... there...
that’s the bit, the bit you didn’t really ever read…’
If you’d read that part you’d maybe understand
why this is so hard for me…
why this is so very hard for me

I wish I could open up my soul like there’s a door
that I could let you in and show you where
I think about you each and every day
and always smile and wish you well
I keep your picture on my windowsill
and close my eyes and kiss you still…

I wish I could open up my memory like a slideshow
so you could see the deep impressions
where you left your footprints in my heart
and we could watch our lovers’ tales unfold
I would pull out all the movies playing in my mind
and put our sweet encounters on continuous rewind


Mark J said...

So sad, but oh so brilliant.

Jacie said...

thanks Mark, much appreciated. Sometimes I wonder at the advisabilty of always wearing one's heart so much on one's sleeve - I just don't seem to have anywhere else to put it...

Mark J said...

An online friend, who I occasionally send socks to, posted a link on her facebook page. I cant help but think we all wouldnt be better off sitting around a circle - all getting our chance to say our name and that we've been hurt.

I admire your honesty and your bravery - I'm never that open, and as a result never that clear.

In the meantime all I can hope is you'll have more better days than worse :) Take care.