Sunday, 31 October 2010

South Park

Zach describing a South Park episode, which he thought was particularly hilarious, in detail:
Z:...and then Mr Garrison says it's because you can't jack off (whispers) you know mum, that means play with your willy...
J: Yes Zach I know what it means I just didn't realise that you knew what it meant
Z: Really? Oh I've played with my willy before...
J: Yes darling obviously you've played with your willy before. I just meant that I didn't know that you knew what the term 'jack off' meant as it's rather a rude way of putting it..
Z: Oh is it? Oh I suppose I should have said 'play with your penis'.
J: Haha err...ok. You know I'm not sure your dad should let you watch South Park anyway...

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