Friday, 14 November 2008

losing it part 3

J: Hi
Number Withheld: Hi J how are you?
J:'s you! I'm fine
NW: I've really missed you J, have you missed me?
J: No
NW: Oh J you never say you miss me!
J: No I don't do I. So how's married life?
NW: I'm not married. I keep telling you that was my ex girlfriend who phoned you
J: I don't believe you
NW: I'm telling you the truth. She's just my ex and she gets really jealous when she thinks I'm seeing someone. She's ruined my relationships with 3 girlfriends!
J: Yes, wives have a nasty habit of doing that
NW: Honestly I'm not married, why would I lie to you?
J: Sorry, did you just say 'Why would I lie to you'?!!!!


Mark J said...

I take it back - you have perfect clarity of vision. Well done :)

Jacie said...

haha - it's always so much easier to see clearly when your heart's not involved!