Thursday, 10 July 2008

pancake day

Gabe: sorry couldn't talk before I was skipping..
Julie: skipping?!
Gabe: yes ..skipping!
Julie: oh ok. So what went wrong with your date with your ex - had she piled on the pounds in the intervening 2 years?
Gabe: she really wasn't very attractive at all.... which makes me wonder why I was interested in her before - then again, she initially wrote to me, so perhaps it was an ego-thing; I also enjoyed the pancakes she'd make on a sunday after we went running
Julie: ah you see the way to your heart is obviously through your stomach! You should add that to your profile that any potential dates should 1st send you a selection of home-baked goodies!
Gabe: good thinking
Julie: they say that skipping's good for your heart - but then so is sex and that's a lot more fun and has the additional heart-warming factor of knowing that you're doing something nice for someone else as well! Not that you'd ever want to do anything nice for anyone else....

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