Thursday, 10 July 2008

always the bridesmaid.........

'I read somewhere the other day that there's more chance of a woman my age being mauled by a wild animal at the zoo than she has of finding a husband'
'I thought you found a husband the other week!'
'that was someone else's husband - that doesn't count'
'have you heard any more from him?'
'yes he keeps phoning and texting - apparently he really misses me and his wife doesn't understand him..'
'I bet she does! Anyway does that statistic mean that you should visit zoos more or less often?'
'I'm thinking I don't care as long as I don't get mauled by any more men who say they're single when they're not!'


Mark J said...

At least you're out there for a potential mauling. It seems some days I'm quite happy in my foxhole....

Jacie said...

haha - yes it truly is a triumph of hope over experience that keeps me laying my heart on the line for the vultures to descend on. Still maybe one day I'll learn better...hopefully not too soon though!