Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nirvana - a poem by Zach

Your eyelids expand, today is young
You walk in the forest
Intoxicating gusts of wind constricting you

Silence; music to my mind
Tranquil rage, I don't conform.
Elegant gusts of wind tell you of days before.

Ecstatic bursts of winter
So pleasing; confusing.
Winter projects upon you

Constant shivering; confusion.
You are blind to external,
Now you can see.

The cold grasps your soul.
Embrace it and you live the external.
Forever in debt to your pain...

You are still confused, the cold is rewarding.
You feel the warmth embrace you.
You accept the frost as you live in sun.

You have reached Nirvana, You see with both eyes

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