Saturday, 28 September 2013


J: Have you noticed how Einstein (the cat) is in a really bad mood these days?
Zach: Yes I know he keeps beating Cutie (the other cat) up!
J: ... and he keeps killing things. Yesterday he brought a baby bunny in and started eating it! It was horrible..,
Zach: I think he needs more love - we should probably make more of a fuss of him
J: Yes I was thinking the same thing... we haven't been giving him much attention lately have we?

a couple of days and a few cuddles later

J: Einstein seems happier
Zach: Yes he does - he kept sleeping on my feet last night and being a right pain!
J: Haha - have you noticed how when one of the pets gets grumpy we just think they 're in need of more love and affection but we never think that when a person is grumpy with us - we just think they're a total jerk!!
Zach: That's because they're being a total jerk!!

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