Tuesday, 25 June 2013

one minute magic ...

Zach: Hey mum try this with me
J: Ok
Zach: I'm going to put the timer on for one minute ... now close your eyes and don't think of anything just look into the blackness
one minute later timer buzzes
Zach: Ok now open your eyes and look around. Can you see how clear everything is? Look at the pattern on this quilt, look at the '4' painted on the wall isn't it amazing?
J: Yes you're right it is
Zach: I did that on the school bus this morning and when I opened my eyes and looked out the window I swear I could see every single blade of grass. Everything is just amazing if you take the time to appreciate it.
J: I think you're amazing - some people live their whole lives and never appreciate anything like that.


Vishnu said...

Only a child can make us realise the beauty of all that we overlook :)
Inspiring post, Jacie!

Jacie said...

many thanks Vishnu - I am truly blessed to have such a thoughtful and joyful child.
I hope you are well and happy x