Monday, 20 February 2012

Galaxy quest

J: Hey Zach I've just had a letter from your school
Z: Really? What does it say?
J: It says 'your child Zach has been identified as a highly intelligent student who should be expecting the most exacting standards from himself and should be thinking, even at this early stage, of progressing to the most advanced levels of education. In year 9 Zach will be invited to join our Galaxy Group enrichment programme, which is exclusively for students who have exceptionally high potential. This programme is intended to extend their portfolio of experience, hence making them more attractive to the more prestigious universities'
Z (looking at me blankly): I have no idea what that means...
J: I think it means they got you mixed up with some other kid!


Mark J said...

Congrats Jacie - you must be so proud :)

Jacie said...

hey Mark - great to hear from you - I miss your posts but I catch you on twitter sometimes. Hope things are going well for you.
Zach's a great kid and I've always thought he's smart but it's nice to hear that other people do too :)