Sunday, 22 May 2011

On stranger tides...

J: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was way better than I thought it would be didn't you think?
Zach: Yes it was good, though I think it should have had a happier ending
J: Oh they can't have a completely happy ending otherwise they couldn't make a number 5!
Zach: Yes I suppose so. Can we watch the start of the 1st one when we get home mum as I only saw it from halfway through on the television
J: Yes of course I think I've got the DVD... oh no wait I think I lent it to S a couple of years ago and he never gave it back.
Zach: Really? What else did you lend him that he never gave back?
J: Haha ... only my heart honey!
Zach: Hehe.. hasn't he given that back either yet?
J: No not so far he hasn't.
Zach: Well really that's a good thing when you think about it isn't it?
J: Dunno... depends what he's doing with it I suppose...

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