Sunday, 13 March 2011

The bigger picture...

Was searching the internet trying to look at the bigger picture regarding all the recent extreme weather disasters and came across the following piece about events in the UK in 1955 which made me smile for many reasons! So often technology meant to help the world gets used for war and it's nice to know the pendulum swings both ways...

1955: Britain's big freeze
Deep snow and freezing temperatures continue across Britain leaving many parts of the country cut off from essential supplies.
More than 70 roads in Britain are blocked by snow, according to the Automobile Association and hundreds of vehicles have been abandoned in snowdrifts as high as 30ft (9m).
Rail travel has also been severely affected and some areas in northern Scotland have not had a train service for several days.
The RAF has been working flat out to drop food and medical supplies to affected areas.

Concerns for the welfare of the country's thousands of sheep are mounting as many are completely cut-off from food supplies.

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