Tuesday, 13 April 2010


N: Hi how are you?
J: I'm ok - bit down in dumps but ok
N: oh not good is all ok?
J: yeah everything's 'ok' it's just not 'great' ...I don't want to be happy I want to be ecstatic!
N: at the mo I'm being philosophical and'ok' is just fine sadly - but I do know what you mean
J: I just want to be madly in love with someone who's madly in love with me - is that really too much to ask?
N: you're asking the wrong person really - but keep your chin up girl!
J: ok I will - have just come back from yoga so I can pretty much contort myself into any position! Slight exageration but I was pleased to discover that I'm getting better at it
N: I want to go yoga that's on my list - sounds fab, all those positions hey , good for the soul?
J: oh it doesn't do you any good on a list you actually have to go... I had it on my list for ages but I didn't improve at all until I actually went...

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