Saturday, 14 November 2009

I ain't fraid of no ghosts..

Zach: mum?
J: yes honey?
Zach: dad said that you didn't used to drive when he first met you
J: yes that right I didn't learn to drive until a few years before you were born
Zach: he said it was because your mum was killed in a car accident when you were young and that made you scared
J: well, yes I suppose that's true
Zach: really? I can't imagine you being scared of anything!
J thinks: bloody hell - I thought I was scared of everything...

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Deadlyjelly said...

AW! That is gorgeous and I'm sure the remark contains more than a bare element of truth. Isn't it wonderful that your son perceives you as being so strong and safe? Sounds like you rank up there with Superman and Spiderman - awesome!