Friday, 20 February 2009

school for scoundrels

J: Shane phoned on Valentine's Day - still insisting that the woman who phoned me isn't his wife!
D: Unbelievable!
J: Oh and Raj finally got in touch after nearly 3 months!
D: you're kidding! What was his excuse this time?
J: He said that he'd dislocated his elbow playing football 2 days after he'd seen me and that he'd been in hospital and rehab and couldn't text or phone!
D: 'Pathetic’ is the only word that comes to mind -they never cease to amaze me. The funniest thing of all is that they seem to have all attended the same school of bullshit.
J: oh how funny - I like the idea that men have to go to school somewhere to learn how to be an arsehole - god knows they don't start out that way. I think Chris must have gone to the same school as well and they all got top marks but none of them graduated with honours!

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