Saturday, 11 October 2008

xx+xy= ?

'what you reading Jules?'
'it's called "It Must Be Beautiful - Great Equations of Modern Science'
'bloody hell..!'
'no, it's really interesting. Here's a quote from it - "Atoms can be seen as engaged in a constant quest to find the perfect partners with which they can bond to form stable entities by sharing and exchanging electrons" - that sounds like us don't you think?'
'yes it does - sounds quite sexy actually!'
'and it goes on to say ' an atom consists of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. It's unique identity lies in the number of positively charged protons in its core'
'so that's our problem then - we're surrounded by too many negatively charged electrons?'
'haha -probably but for electrons substitute a**holes! No, our problem is that we haven't found the perfect partner to bond with and share and exchange electrons with '
'Yeah well I could have told you that! Anyhow I still prefer the equation I came up with the other night... that there's a direct connection between how the more you like someone the less likely they are to pay you any attention'
'well yes that does pretty much sum it up I suppose!'


Mark J said...

Not a truer word spoken Jacie.

I watched Season 1 of "Spaced" the other day - was so proud of Tim when he gave Sophie the boot at the pub :)

...if you have any idea what I'm talking about ....

Jacie said...

haha - yes I have indeed Simon Pegg is brilliant but I was dismayed to discover just now that they've removed all the Spaced episodes from youtube - thank goodness for google video