Thursday, 28 February 2008

conversations.......overheard in a bar

1st student: so did you go to that orgy on Friday night
2nd student: yes I took Anna
1st: so what happened?
2nd student: well Anna and I split up almost immediately. The place was full of naked people or people in various states of undress having sex with each other. I got together with this quite attractive girl and we started to get friendly. Then I saw someone I knew and started to talk to him. It was weird though because I was stroking this girl's pussy at the time and I've never done that whilst carrying on a conversation with someone else.
1st student: was she enjoying it?
2nd student: she seemed to be - can't say as it did much for me though and I didn't take it any further
1st student: so what happened then?
2nd student: well not that much as I wasn't all that turned on by it all. I met up with Anna later on and she asked if she could come home with me but I said that I didn't really fancy sleeping with her now as she'd just had sex with about 10 different guys....
1st student: good point
2nd student: anyhow I found this pretty girl who hadn't really been into it either and we ended up going back to my place
1st student: and?
2nd student: well we got home and got into bed and were about to have sex when she passes out completely as she's had too much to drink
1st student: so basically you're saying that you went to an orgy but you still couldn't get laid?
2nd student: that pretty much sums it up yes!

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Mark J said...

Wow - you hear the most interesting conversations.

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